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Website: http://www.amazonmp3.com

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  • Amazon offers a good number of songs for FREE download
  • An archive of songs is available for just $0.69 each
  • More songs are available for $99 per track
  • Over 1000 albums are just $5 each
  • Amazon have a lot of deals and sales on each month which allow you to get music for less
  • Amazon offer a great number of songs for free or as little as $0.69 and you can search these features to find a massive array of cheap or free tunes
  • Individuals and groups are able to contribute and sell their work on Amazon, meaning that you can purchase music unavailable elsewhere
  • A wide range of offers means that you are encouraged to try new music at a discounted price (sometimes free!)
  • Downloads are compatible with devices such as Android and Blackberry cell phones, iPods and iPads
  • “Top Downloaded” songs have their own dedicated page so you can keep up to date with the newest and most popular music
  • View future and new releases to keep up to date with what’s happening in your favourite genres
  • A well ordered and comprehensive FAQ should guide you through most problems or queries you encounter
  • Purchase your songs or albums on an individual basis rather than in a monthly package deal. This means you’ll not lose out if you don’t download a lot, you only pay for what you get.
  • Songs download at 256 kbps - you get a high quality of sound for your dollar
  • Perform an advanced search based on keywords, artist, title, label and category, then choose how the results should be sorted
  • The familiar system means that you shop as you might on Amazon: find the item you want and click “buy”, review and order your purchase.
  • Amazon offers a free music downloader, available for PC, Mac or Linux. This will record and track your downloads, allowing you to place them where you want them on your computer
  • Integrates with other media players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player
  • A star rating allows users to respond to what they think about songs (as well as comment on them). Very handy for helping you decide on what to listen to and pay for
  • Listen to a 30 second sample of a song to decide whether or not you want to buy it


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