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PayPlay.fm offers top new albums at low prices. It’s a place to come for the latest in US chart music and also keeps up to date with the UK charts, which are easy to access from the main screen. Price is definitely a key feature worth thinking about, with single tracks at only $0.33 and albums frequently only $3.33. This is way cheaper than the stores and you don’t even have to leave the house! If you want to have the songs on CD you can burn them yourself, too, once you’ve downloaded them of course.

Signing up to payplan.fm is easy (it only takes about 30 seconds) but the free tracks they promise you aren’t from their site at all, they’re from a completely different one.  They promise new users 2 free songs, but our songs never seemed to download, yet the credit disappeared. If this is an omen for the future of our credit then we want our money back please!

Files are available at a range of qualities, though there appears to be no option on which quality you can download for any particular song. Some songs are top quality, others are radio quality. Since most tracks cost the same amount you can feel a little bit cheated because you will inevitably want the highest quality available. Searching for songs is fairly easy. As you type in the name of a band or song, payplay.fm throws up options before you’ve finished, so you don’t need to sit typing big long names out. It’s also quite handy if you don’t quite know the name of what you’re looking for but have a vague idea. However, searching is still quite limited because there are no filters or options, just the basic search or browse (by alphabetic order of artist, or genre).

payplay.fm has its pros and cons. It’s a relatively cheap option and a decent selection of the songs are of a high sound quality. Searching for a song is bit too simple but it does give you some options and show you album covers. The “free song” bonus would be good if it didn’t just steal our money and leave us sad and alone. There’s some worry that this might also happen with your actual credit, which would be a disaster.All in all this might be the site for you if you’re looking to get the latest albums, potentially at a decent quality, for a fairly low price.

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