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MP3 Mixx Review

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Look in the middle of the road and you’ll find mp3mixx. Its number of tracks is fine, but not great. It’s relatively easy to use, but in no way breaking grounds with features or innovating music extras.  What is good about mp3mixx is the price of its tracks and the occasional high quality of the download. At $0.15 a song this is one of the cheaper sites out there for music downloads and you’re not made to have any kind of subscription charges or even to give them any of your personal details. Subscription is a doddle and you can quickly start downloading tracks which you can take home, burn onto CD, transfer to your MP3 player and more.

What’s disappointing is that mp3mixx feels a bit like an unloved child in the corner of the room. Its construction is a little haphazard, with icons hovering above information and a dead link to the FAQ. So we could only imagine that there is no FAQ, or that something needs fixing. You can email to ask for advice, but this is simply madness for a professional company whose product is essentially digital information. There are no attempts at providing anything other than music either, no biographies, no links to sites about the artists or reviews, just music. You can perform a  basic search for a track, which responds by providing options based on the artist, track or album but there are no filter options so if you aren’t pretty sure what you want you may spend forever looking through lists and lists of song titles. The selection of genres on mp3mixx seems pretty impressive, with such scarcities as Bolero music, Downtempo music and Grindcore music. But take a closer look and you’ll realise that the vast majority of artists available are in the usual categories: dance, house, pop and (the cryptic, mysterious) “other” category. In fact most of the more interesting-sounding genres have just one artist in them which almost makes you wonder “who is in ‘other’ genre then?”  

In summary, mp3mixx is very good value given the low cost and often-high quality of the music available, but it does little else to make you feel that it’s a worthwhile investment. Finding songs can be laborious, the page layouts can be sloppy and there are little or no extras to speak of. A broken FAQ link doesn’t inspire confidence, either, but this could be the site for you if you know exactly what songs you want and aren’t fussed about the trimmings.

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