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7 Digital Review

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7digital is a quality music site with great special offers. You can buy some of the highest quality sounds out there, frequently at just $5 per album. It’s easy to use, too, and allows you to make recommendations to friends via Facebook and Twitter at the click of a button. There’s a certain honesty to the site, too, which always informs you of the kbps of any track whilst telling you the singles prices and the whole cost of the album in one screen. You never feel as though you’re being cheated with 7digital.

7digital isn’t the cheapest music downloads site out there but it’s certainly not the most expensive. However, the quality of the tracks is often much higher than elsewhere, which is important if you’re a real music maniac. A surprising number of their 20 million tracks are available at 320 kbps and free of DRM, so you really are getting a great product for your hard-earned dollars. Some people do argue that they can’t tell the difference between CD quality and the higher end available here, but others suggest this can be down to the quality of your speakers, so those with great equipment might hear the difference. 20 million tracks is also an astounding number, and it’s ever-growing. You’re sure to find anything you want to listen to with 7digital. The site is pretty well put together, there are a few select drop down boxes that offer links to key features (such as new albums or tracks and interviews) and when you find an album you’re interested in buying you are not bombarded with adverts and masses of information. They keep it simple: the album cover, the cost, the quality of the download and the band name. It’s much cheaper to buy the whole album than to buy individual songs but it would be nice if purchases could be updated to save you money. For example, if we bought 3 singles from a Coldplay album and then wanted the rest of it, perhaps the initial amount we had spent on those 3 singles could be refunded. That’s not necessarily an easy task though and since albums inevitably drop in price it might be a bit unfair. But we can dream!

So what’s holding 7digital back? Price is a factor; although its offers make albums cheaper than the stores it isn’t really the cheapest option available online, particularly because it lacks any sort of decent package offer. Also, although simplicity can be great, it is just too basic at times and 7digital doesn’t really do anything particularly unique to set it apart from the rest of the music download crowd.  Sometimes it doesn’t really cover the basics: searching for a track can be so simplified it’s problematic, even inhibiting. Where are the options to search by genre, for example? Though there is a sort of ‘voting’ system for users to help rate tracks, this is often unused which makes it hard to know whether other people think it is worth downloading. Its links with festivals do make for an interesting edge though they don’t quite go far enough.

If you’re in need of help then 7digital offer a decent enough FAQ section for you to browse through and you can  send them a message if that doesn’t solve things. There isn’t all that much that can go wrong, though, given the simplicity of things, and few extra features which will set your soul alight.

With 7digital you won’t be overcome by adverts, flashy videos and confusing buttons everywhere. If you’re interested in high quality music at a reasonable price then this could be the site for you, particularly if you intend to listen to your music with top notch sound equipment.

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