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MP3 Fiesta Review

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mp3fiesta has a very special offer indeed: unlimited music for the rest of your life, and at a very affordable price.

Wake up! Yes, you! Come on! Wake up! Unlimited downloads of music for the rest of your life, an offer that more than 25,000 members have taken advantage of. Surely that makes this site irresistible, right? Well there are a few reasons why mp3fiesta isn’t quite ‘all dat’. Their selection of music is good but really it is small in comparison to other sites out there, which are hitting numbers of 15 million and more. mp3fiesta seem especially proud of their soundtracks section and their imported tracks, which is a nice niche, but you might find that some of your favourite tunes simply aren’t there. If you’re looking for something a bit more obscure try searching for what you want, it might just be there. But if there’s something more “middle of the road” you might be disappointed

The premium members get a lot of the benefits whilst the “credit” members don’t. Perhaps this isn’t very surprising, but Premium members get advanced technical support, why doesn’t EVERY MEMBER get the best support possible? For a site which claims to be passionate about customer care, this seems a mad and annoying choice.

Mp3fiesta has a few package options as well as its “buy by the track” purchases so it can provide music for most budgets. If you invite friends to join and spend money you also receive credits which you can put towards your own music collection, which is a pretty handy bonus if you have friends who spend a lot! Mp3fiesta’s search facilities are decent and their off the wall genres are something that other sites frequently don’t offer, from Progressive House to Japanese Pop. 

Despite its grotesque kid-like appearance on particular pages and its relatively-overpriced tracks, the lifetime packages really do seem like a great idea. Of course there is a certain risk to this offer given that they might not be around forever, but even if you get a few years’ use out of the package you’ll probably more than make your dollars’ worth.

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