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Please note that Puretracks has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Puretracks below, or check out the rest of the US Music Download Websites we've reviewed.

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Puretracks Review

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The first thing that strikes you about pure tracks is its professional, slightly grungy, urban style. You’re greeted with pictures of album covers, some featured releases and a list of options: new releases, singles, top 100, recommended, and then various genres of music to choose from. It’s inviting, at least, and takes you to the music immediately. The site is keen to recommend music to you, which is fine by us. puretracks allows you to listen to samples of the music before you buy them, though they are quite short and you don’t really get a feel for a lot of the songs with only 30 seconds to appreciate it.

What will put most people off is the cost of music at puretracks. Albums are pretty much store cost and singles aren’t much cheaper. The same music can be downloaded elsewhere for much less. This might be because puretracks appears to have a corporate focus whereby  businesses buy credit for their staff as bonuses. It’s maybe not for general consumption then. That said, despite the odd eclectic mix of genres such as “kids music” and “pop”, puretracks seems to have a focus on music on the rim of popularity. Its electronic and jazz sections are quite nice to browse through, the album work appearing as thumbnails to add a bit of colour and aesthetics to the site.

It doesn’t really have many interesting features worth mentioning, unless perhaps if you’re a managing director looking to keep your staff happy with a gift card. Its multilingual phonelines and sites are a nice touch but again seem to point towards the business end of things. There’s no FAQ that we can find, but you can email them with any questions. The featured releases are varied but don’t really offer any reason as to why they’re being featured. The site could also benefit from more information about the music, why it’s there and why we might want to buy it. It’s all a bit quiet, a bit too stylised, a red chair in a white room.

puretracks gives off the impression that it’s a hippy in a business suit; there’s some focus on a cool look, but really it’s just trying to make money. It’s not a bad site to have a look around but when the prices are so high why wouldn’t you just go shopping elsewhere? This might be a site for you if you’ve plenty of cash to spend and are happy to spend it on what is ultimately good music.

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Please note that Puretracks has now been discontinued.

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