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Real Rhapsody Rip Off
25 May 2012
Reviewer: Sheila Hagenson from Moorhead, MN USA

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Yes it is nice to be able to listen and download music without paying for each individual track. The selection and customer support is great. However here are my problems with it: 1) You download the subscription track and decide to buy it, you now have 2 copies on your computer. You use another application ie iTunes or Windows Media Player that application wants you to get rid of your duplicate files but you have no way to know which were your subscription or your purchased tracks, so you end up deleting the wrong ones and losing the ones you bought. Also if you try to import your music into the Rhapsody application (if you like several genres and have a lot of music) The Rhapsody program will completely freeze and you have to shut it down so it won't work at all-and it's difficult to delete files from your library if you can't even keep the program running. I would personally recommend using Amazon mp3. They have just as big of a selection, no subscription fees, plus the added bonus of backing up your purchased tracks for you off of your computer. Even if you do a complete factory restore, you won't lose your music.

In summary, I would not recommend Rhapsody to a friend.

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