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Going Down Hill
21 August 2012
Reviewer: Barbasoul from New Hampshire

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I have subscribed to Rhapsody for about 6 years. Four of which I have used Rhasody To Go. I was happy with the service. About 2 months ago things at Rhapsody began to go bad. My complaint is in the catagorizing of the genres. The first problem was that "New Releases" under specic genres didn't appear. After some emails and phone conversations they came back. HOWEVER, whoever is doing the classifying hasn't got a clue. To find a title of "Dirty and Naughty" under the Classical genre seems a bit absurd. There are a few dirty and naughty people in the classical world, but they don't label their music as such. This is just the most extreme example, but one that is easy to identify. In essence, their classification process is shot. Calls to customer service yield nice people in Asia who do a lot of "Sorry for the inconvenience we have casued you and I can surely help." But they don't I think the problem is in Seatle at the USA headquarters. I have sent enough emails with no change to the problem that it's obvious the technical/musical side of the business has taken a long lunch. Or found employment in a more reputable company.

In summary, I would not recommend Rhapsody to a friend.

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