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It's Great for Some Purposes
07 September 2014
Reviewer: Pdxtreme from PDX

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I have had Rhapsody for 8 years. I listen to a lot of music either at work, in my car, at home on my PC or TV, or in my music studio. If I had to pay $0.99 for every song I listen to, I'd be broke within a year. Rhapsody allows me to listen to a wide variety of music and multiple versions (covers and copies) of every song for nothing more than my subscription.

Truth be told, after 8-tracks, cassettes, CD's and DVD's, I'm just done building libraries and catalogs of personally owned music. With Rhapsody, I own millions of songs for a fairly small annual fee. I never burn a song because what I listen to on one device, I can hear on my other devices, and I don't need to listen to music outside of these areas. The songs I play are automatically downloaded to my harddrive for quicker playback the next time.

Granted, this works for me. Maybe it's not for everyone, but for me it's a great service. It has NEVER failed me. It has never cut off in the middle of a song, for example. Once in a while, it's a slow (10-15 seconds) to get a song started. Generally it works very well --for me.

What I can say is that the search features absolutely SUCK. I have written them many times over the years to complain but I guess they just don't care. First, in the client application, you cannot mix artist names with song titles. "Forever Young Dylan" returns zip. You cannot misspell songs. You cannot expect a "fuzzy" search or even a left-based search. And then it makes it's own rules. If I search for "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" I'll get any number of songs that have, perhaps, one "mercy" in the title but I won't get any with all three! I can wade through the list and eventually find it but some results can be 500 songs long and that's very time consuming. Also, if I search for say, "Down Under" I'll get an immediate popup of the top 15 top hits but if I click on the All Tracks button, it suddenly cannot find any songs called "Down Under". Ok, I think it's time they put some Men At Work on this problem. Fianlly, you cannot sort the results of a search in any manner. It's total cheesy.

Browsing for music is practically non existent but with their Influences and Similar Artists I can jump from one song to another and kind of browse on my own. I find the Stations are better than Pandora. More accurate and more variety than Pandora.

Their search sucks, their support is not overly attentive, their interface for the client and web apps is not perfect but the general service is great if you listen to a lot of songs, in fairly defined spaces with an internet or 3g/4g connection. For that, $100 a year is worth it -to me.

In summary, I would recommend Rhapsody to a friend.

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