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Stay Away since they Changed!
18 October 2014
Reviewer: Nodak67 from Seattle, WA

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I was a member of Emusic for years and frankly loved them! Recently (Sept, 2014) they changed their policy and they no longer have ANY good tracks on their site. Gone is anything recent AND anything that is decent from the bygone eras too! Tried searching out anything decent of pop, rock, alternative, country, 80's - not a darn thing! And this is with my account sitting there with $28 in its balance! Tried to call them because I had tried to put a hold on my account before the $15 monthly had been taken out 2 days prior to this occurring online and it wouldn't let me do it of course. I called and it was "too late" OF COURSE so it just added to my balance that I couldn't spend. Plus if I put my acct. on hold, I'd lose my balance!!?? I just wanted to see what would happen for a month during their change - did I want to remain a member, spend the money I had in my account, see what happens...etc. Noooo! Not going to happen. I either spend it or lose it. So i'm desperately trying to find ANYTHING to spend that $ on right now so it's not given to THEM! Don't do it! Unless you're an "Indie" music lover then this site is for you of course.....

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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