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Rhapsody is bad
15 March 2011
Reviewer: FrustratedWithRhapsody from NC

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The Rhapsody service software comes with many MP3 players and most people are much more willing to install a service that comes with a new electronic device.

This service offers a large amount of music for a low monthly fee (usually $9.99 now). What they don't say is that this is a streaming music service and does not allow music download without additional cost per item downloaded. Additionally, the software does not allow playing or file transfer of music obtained by other services. I have also heard (have not verified) that the music downloaded is automatically deleted after a certain time.

Rhapsody offers a 14-day free trial but if the service is canceled during the trial period, they will go ahead and bill you for the service anyway (I have had this experience and have seen at least 15 others who have experienced the same problem). If you get this service, you will almost definitely regret it.

In summary, I would not recommend Rhapsody to a friend.

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