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Monthly Download Credits Don't Rollover
25 August 2011
Reviewer: No Rollover from Atlanta, Georgia

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I cancelled my eMusic subscription after 11 months because they don't rollover my unused funds to the next month. I was burned twice with this because I didn't have time during the month to shop for and purchase music.

The first time it happened, I went the whole month without downloading any music because I was very busy, but was looking forward to logging in the next month expecting to see two months worth of available download credits, but when I logged in there was only the current month's available download credits. The previous months money hadn't been added. I emailed customer service & they confirmed that my money was forfeit due to the non-rollover policy. They said they'd credit my funds this one time only, which they promptly did. A few months later I had another busy month & was unable to use up all of my credits, so again, I lost MY money. The second time paying a "penalty" for not using up all my credits was enough for me to cancel. This non-rollover policy seems to me to be a very underhanded way to scoop up extra revenue.

It goes without saying that certain imitations must exist as to how many download credits can accumulate in a given time period. These limitations should however, not penalize loyal, paying customers for not drawing their accounts to zero each month, and should have some provisions as well that take into account that not every customer can spend time each month downloading music. One obvious idea comes to mind: why not allow for quarterly download periods? Or annual? In any case, I'm more than certain that eMusic's management team could find a viable solution to this...if they wanted to.

I did enjoy the service...when they weren't scooping my money. It was very easy to use, and I really liked the way they suggested music based on the artist you were searching for. I downloaded some incredible music from several artists that I had not heard of because of this "intelligent" search function. I also found that the music selection was more than adequate. If they ever fix their rollover policy, I would most likely be a returning customer.

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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