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03 September 2011
Reviewer: John from Toronto, Canada

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I've been a subscriber since 2006, which means I pay less per tune than a new subscriber. I've found the site to be an excellent source of indie music, and more recently the more poorly ranked pop music. This is NOT a site for those seeking Billboard, or other such current pop hits. There is however a very wide range of classical, jazz, indie, alt, international, etc etc music, and I have benefited well from my subscription. However, there a LOTS of problems with eMusic. The service sucks. The Downloader, which is almost essential to access the music, is horribly unreliable. I have a Mac, and for some reason they are incapable of making half-baked software, and over the years I've frequently had to complain about download issues. In general, with time, the problems have all been resolved. After 5 yrs I find myself struggling to find music that interests me, but this is not because the music isn't there, but because it nonetheless requires a lot of time and effort to find music that interests me, (but this is not an eMusic problem).

See my star ratings:
The quality of the music is fine for my tastes (mp3), but their quality control is poor. Albums/songs are frequently mislabeled.
The supplied software ranges from horrible to tolerable. The search capabilities are mediocre at best.
Ease of use poor - since it relates to the download software. Absent the download software the usability is good. One can browse at their leisure and added albums and songs to a 'saved for later' page - a very useful tool. Based on your selection you will be 'matched' with neighbours (people who have downloaded similar music) which can lead to new discoveries.
Value for the money - reasonable. But be sure that you like and want the music they have. This is NOT for everyone.
Technical support - amongst the worst I've seen.


In summary, I would recommend eMusic to a friend.

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