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Do not ever sign up for a free trial with emusic
23 August 2011
Reviewer: 2good2betrueequals EMUSIC from MISSOURI

203 of 374 people found this review helpful

This 'free 7 day trial' was a scam from the beginning. They got my bank card info and even though I didn't download a thing (hard to use site... very few current popular artists) and I ATTEMPTED to cancel the free trial for 3 days before the 7 days were up.... the site wouldn't let me go to the cancel page UNTIL THEY CHARGED MY BANK. Then advised me they charged the yearly $99.99 fee so I would still have an active membership until Sept 2012. I sent email and I'm contacting my Attorney General's office and my bank. This was a TOTAL SCAM! Stay away from Emusic!!

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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the Big Rip OFF
12 July 2011
Reviewer: Diane middleton from Atlanta, GA

187 of 349 people found this review helpful

I had purchased a mp3 player with an invitation to 35 free songs from e-music. This is one of the most dishonest company ever. There is nothing free about it. I activate the account for my thought to be free 35 songs. Before I knew it my account had been charged with 31.99. I never downloaded one song. I just lost 31.99. They would not give my money back. I would not use them for anything.
I hope this review will help other not to use e-music ever. In fact I am going to write RCA and ETEC about them promoting e-music as a free trial. Please do not use them. Please tell others not to use them please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This should not have star rating. The rating should be 0 to 5. my rating for them would be 0.

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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10 May 2011
Reviewer: R Jones from London Uk

188 of 369 people found this review helpful

E music.

Where do I begin to write a review about a bunch of online Mp3 Cowboys.

The ploy is a free trial to get a taste of what emusic has to offer, this looks
very tempting but beware all is not what it seems. As I activate my no win no fee trial offer, a distinct feeling of dishonesty creeps in, and YES Im right I have been well and truly had, the offer seems to have disappeared and I have been charged straight away for £9.99, crooks.

Now I am, should I say in polite terms upset by the circumstances that have just occurred, and have already lodged an email with customer services and as of yet(3 days) have not received a reply, who would of guessed it, but I will try to put it behind me for now and look at there catalogue and download facilities.

For starters the back catalogue is poor and limited to alot of unknown artists, popular artists are not as comprehensively featured compared to rival Mp3 download sites, and the most downright shameful part of it all is that the take your money in exchange for 180 Kbps Mp3's which nowdays(2011) most people wouldn't even... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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It's an ok site
15 April 2011
Reviewer: SL1256 from Nyssa, OR, USA

170 of 329 people found this review helpful

I had a membership for several months. I have since cancelled, but it wasn't because of any problem other than I just didn't use it enough. You get credits every month and if you don't use them you lose them. The variety of music was good, no complaints there. I didn't find the web site difficult to use. And, I found a lot of good old country there. Some artists I looked for were not available, but that was really my only complaint. Not bad, not expensive, there certainly worse ones out there.

In summary, I would recommend eMusic to a friend.

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Not as good as it was....
12 April 2011
Reviewer: Xavier1 from Saint Louis, MO

157 of 318 people found this review helpful

The pricing structure has changed from having a certain number of tracks per month to a variable price-per-track system. Their pricing is a little bit lower than some other services, but it not the great value it once was. Many of the smaller indie bands are now gone, replaced with more popular and commercial albums.

Not a bad service overall, but as a long-time subscriber, I am disappointed in its evolution, and will go elsewhere for my music.

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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emusic....what a racket!!!
28 February 2011
Reviewer: Crapped on for the last time from Pittsburgh, PA

158 of 323 people found this review helpful

We were given a card for free downloads. My 14 year old got online and asked me for my credit card numbers as they were required in order to even view the music available. She was told NOT to download anything without me looking at it first. She decided she did not care to download anything, even for free, and we thought that was the end of it. She stuck with iTunes. That was in April 2009. Because I am the only one who uses my credit card and I pay off the balance every month, I never noticed the 11.99 charge every month as I do not look at the itemized part of the bill (since I am the only one making charge purchases). Now, February 28, 2011, I see the charge and look back at my statements that I have kept for the past year and see that since April 2009, I have been charged 11.99!!! Never once was a song downloaded. Because my 14 year old put in HER email address, (and then soon after changed her email address) she did not see any notices coming to that address. Apparently somewhere... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend eMusic to a friend.

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03 August 2010
Reviewer: Ben from Devon, UK

210 of 373 people found this review helpful

I found eMusic through a free subscription and decided to give it a go. I was impressed by the simple layout, the suggestions feature and the sheer number of tracks and artists that are available for download.

The collection of music available is certainly vast, and covers a wide range of genres: folk, indie, rock, electronica, jazz, etc. The main problem with the site, however, is that it does not feature many Top 40 artists or those that have found particular commercial success elsewhere, and so it is never going to be a complete music solution for you if you like that kind of thing. The plus side of this is that it introduces you to a range of music you might not otherwise find, and it gave me the opportunity to lookup various soundtracks or niche musicians I had been meaning to look up for a long time. Since then, I have played this music to several of my friends, who have then gone on to find these artists themselves, and I suppose this is how eMusic can provide such high quality music at such good value for money.

One other small problem I had with the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend eMusic to a friend.

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